Ample stock of scaffolding materials

SUGIKO, specializing in scaffolding rental, has an ample and wide-ranging stock of scaffolding materials and responds to a wide variety of customer needs.

Safe and reliable scaffolding materials

SafeMeeting strict standards

The materials provided to you conform to British Standards (BS) - an international standard - .

ReliableEnsuring quality backed up by thorough maintenance and inspection work

Scaffolding materials returned to our stock yard are painstakingly maintained by our specialized staff, and then delivered to the next construction site after a strict inspection is carried out.

Maintenance Method (1)

  • Checking the number of materials returned

  • Removing stains adhered to the materials

  • Careful inspection by SUGIKO staff

  • Binding pipes for delivery to the next construction site

Maintenance Method (2)

  • Paint adhered to the pipe

  • Cleaned for reuse

  • Never used again due to corrosion

  • Careful inspection by staff using devices

Comparison between SUGIKO's and a competitor's pipe

Prompt responses

SUGIKO responds promptly and appropriately to onsite needs by controlling inventory using its unique system and providing complete training to operators and delivery staff.