Corporate Philosophy

Introducing our new brand, SUGIKO Group

Message from the President of the SUGIKO Group

The History of SUGIKO Group Holdings

Founded in 1953 as Sugiko Shoten, we have been a leading temporary equipment rental company, and since 2012 we have taken a new step as SUGIKO Group Holdings.

Our temporary equipment rental companies "SUGIKO" and "SUGIKO Vietnam" provide high-quality services.

Commitment of Quality

The SUGIKO Group Philosophy is “Finest service for maximum benefit”.

We believe that “High Quality” result in greatest benefit for customers as well as our company. And based on this philosophy, we have always been provided a one-of-a-kind service meeting customer’s demands and the needs at the forefront of on-site.

We provide the service not only the Rental Business for the scaffoldings but the associated service, such as the consulting service combined the design, management plans and safety education of the scaffoldings, and the Green Wall business utilized the know-how of the scaffoldings’ design.

In present day, we need to make management decision more quickly and practically in order to meet the customer’s multiple needs of times and continue to provide “High Quality” meeting needs of each customers. The establishment of SUGIKO Group Holdings will enable us to be highly effective for implementing “finest service for maximum benefit”.


SUGIKO Group aims to further the trust from our customers regarding the High Quality and to seek for growth of long-term and stable business based on the SUGIKO Brand.

We will work to further strengthen the SUGIKO Brand such as continuously investing in High-Quality scaffoldings and the fulfilling service of the safety management consulting, and we will establish to the supply system of SUGIKO’s High-Quality scaffoldings overseas begin at Vietnam.

“High Quality” - It is the ideal of the SUGIKO Group and the concept of values to expand to the entire industry and worldwide.

Corporate Philosophy

Happiness for all

Company with unparalleled strength

Finest service for maximum benefit

Constant spirit of innovation

Our Mission

We contribute to our clients and society by delivering safety, efficiency, and a user-friendly environment for construction sites. Through our rewarding services, our goal is to enrich ourselves both materially and spiritually.